What things you need to take for fishing

Almost every angler knows what is necessary to take for fishing. Each fisherman has certain things to make successful fishing, such as lucky boots or a float. However, there are some mandatory things to take with you. What are they?

Long term fishing

The list of things you need while fishing directly depends on the number of days that you plan to spend on the pond. If you are planning a long trip for a week or even more, you need to be very careful in choosing things. You need to take only those items that you will definitely use. The list may look like the following:

  • A bag. It is worth paying attention to the weight of it since it will be difficult for the fisherman if it exceeds 20 kilograms;
  • A warm sweater and a raincoat. It is often happening that the clear sunny sky can suddenly be replaced by a thunderstorm and heavy rain;
  • The sunglasses, a cap, and a sun-protecting cream. In the case of a hot and sunny day – these tools are vital for a pleasant pastime;
  • A sleeping bag, a tent and a blanket. If you stay fishing for a night, you will definitely need them;
  • A watch, a flashlight, matches, and paper. Indispensable things for fishing.
  • A chair.  It is much more convenient to wait for a fish while sitting on the chair.

All this stuff you should take if you consider 2-3 days fishing in addition to the basic kit.

Basic fishing kit

When going for daily fishing – pay your attention to the following:

  1. Be sure to bring fishing rods, bait, bait, landing net, and a cage. It is obligatory to take spare gear and their elements (a fishing line, hooks, float, etc.);
  2. Clothes for fishing should be chosen according to the weather. As mentioned above, a cap will be a very useful thing when fishing. Do not forget that near the water it is always colder than it might seem at first glance;
  3. Be sure to bring drinking water with you;
  4. Soap;
  5. First Aid Kit. Iodine, bandage, cotton wool, plaster, anti-allergic drugs – the minimal set in the angler’s aid kit;
  6. Food.

The process of preparing for fishing is quite a responsible occupation and often brings the same positive feelings to the fishermen as the fishing process itself. Experienced anglers know how to properly prepare for fishing:  they determine the place of fishing and the desired trophy in advance. Before the departure, the preparation process and careful planning begin. The main thing is not to rush when preparing for fishing, and you can make a list in order to take everything you need.

Do you have any extra ideas about what should be taken for fishing? Share with us.

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