What is the advantage of shockproof watches

In recent times, a watch was an accessory that only a few could afford. Handmade, miniature details, ingenious devices, fragile design made them especially valuable. Modern watch lovers give their preference to the accessories with sufficient resistance to various mechanical influences. They can easily deal with the dynamics of the modern rhythm of life. Such options are suitable for people who love outdoor activities, are not afraid to take risks and are always ready to move forward.

Once all the watches were very fragile and easily damaged. Damage occurred under a variety of circumstances, so they had to be repaired very often. That was a reason why the shockproof system rapidly conquered the market.

What is the shockproof system

The watch protection system, developed in 1789, was called a parachute. Such a word is quite fashionable because many people jumped with a parachute at that time. Therefore, the watchmakers used the Greek combination of words meaning “against fall”. However, good demand for such devices was achieved only after 50 years with the use of more advanced marketing technologies.

The shockproof system in a watch is a kind of shock amortization that can slightly soften random damage. Numerous tests determined the effectiveness of such a system. Protection may not work in some cases, but the total duration of the operating time will be significantly extended. The shock absorber will not cope with the deformation of the body or glass. Therefore, even shockproof watch will require careful handling.

Shockproof standards

Shock-resistant watches are considered to withstand a certain physical effect on the mechanism without affecting the visual characteristics or the mechanism itself.

The most sensitive parts of the watch are the trunnions of the balance axis. Damage to the balance axis occurs even in a shockproof device, but in most cases, the axis remains operative as a result of the elasticity of the balance supports.

If the user is not familiar with the features of the product, he might think that the “shockproof” mark indicated in the documents means that the product is resistant to various loads, pressure, falls, etc. In practice, the shockproof devices meet the established international quality standards, in particular – a 5 kJ impact power.

Such a device is marked as shockproof if it meets the following requirements:

  1. Work does not stop with impacts from the side or from above;
  2. The 2 seconds an error in accuracy is allowed per day on a quartz watch after mechanical damage;
  3. No damage or deformed structural elements occurred after the fall.

Sapphire crystals are used to protect the mechanism from damage. They are quite solid and transparent. It will be possible to scratch it only with the help of a high-density diamond tool. Design devices or watches with high impact resistance are equipped with such lenses.

What other features of the watch should be considered before the purchase? Share your suggestions with us.

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