The Most Common Types of Grills

Admittedly, those who own a garden have it a little easier and can simply enjoy the fresh air on their terrace. The charcoal grill or the gas grill is already available for grilling. The soot-free electric grills are best for balconies so as not to bother the neighbors or to comply with the house rules. If you have no opportunity to grill outdoors, you can get an indoor grill.

Barbecue with coal
The crowd grabs a charcoal kettle grill. For many, there is only this one way to grill anyway. In this way, you experience the open fire, the smell of smoke in the meat, or the grill strips, just everything that makes grilling for many people. The disadvantages include long waiting for the ideal embers or the smoke and smoke that arise, which generally preclude the use of charcoal grills on balconies of rental houses.

Barbecue with gas
If you want to get started right away, the best thing is to get a gas grill. The desired cooking temperature on the gas grill can be easily set using the controller. Smoke and smoke are less compared to the charcoal grill. In addition, cleaning is usually easier. However, many are afraid of contact with gas cylinders. Buying them is also a little more difficult than buying some charcoal. In addition, the meat lacks the smoke aromas.

Grilling with hybrid
Has nothing to do with the car on the doorstep. But the principle is similar. Instead of two types of drive when driving, there are two types of grilling on the hybrid grill. Ideal for all grill fans who cannot decide between a gas or charcoal grill. The cool thing – grilling with gas and grilling with charcoal is also possible at the same time. The purchase of such a grill has advantages. For example, a hybrid grill saves space despite its size, since only one grill is necessary for both types of preparation.

Grill with heat
If you want to enjoy the perfect steak, you can get a beefer. The beefer conjures a delicious crust on the outside of the steak with 850 degrees Celcius top heat. Despite the great heat, the meat remains super soft and juicy. Beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish can all be prepared in the beefer. And the great thing is that the food is ready to eat after about four minutes. This is the advantage compared to the smoker.

Grilling with smoke
If you like it American and would rather have a barbecue instead of barbecuing, you might want to take a look at a smoker. Anyone who neglects the space problem, the smoke development, the very long cooking time of three to four hours and up, as well as the high costs, will be delighted by the incredible taste experiences with his spare ribs.

Barbecue with electricity
Frowned upon by real grill fans, very popular by those who just like it: the electric grill. If you only have a balcony available, but don’t want to do without barbecuing, use an electric grill. This does not bother the neighbors. Commissioning is even faster and easier than with the gas grill. Also suitable for newcomers to the grill. Cleaning is also a breeze.

Barbecue indoor
An electronic table grill is suitable for all grill fans who want to grill at home. Depending on the model, these have up to 2,400 watts and have preset programs for grilling fish, meat, and burgers. Handling is very simple: plugin and waits until the grill is hot. There is no smoke aroma here. If you don’t want to do without it, you can use a low-smoke charcoal indoor grill. This is also possible in rooms that are easy to ventilate. However, a balcony would be more ideal.

Which type of grill is your favorite or whether you prefer to use different grills at the same time – we wish you success!

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