Is Steamed Food the Healthiest?

Steaming has spurred debates for years now. It does have obvious benefits in comparison with frying and other methods. After all, no oil is heated up, and food is cooked in a colander or steamer, thanks to hot vapor from boiling water. It is thus kept as close to its natural raw state as possible. 

But does it really make your dishes healthier? The short answer is yes.  Here are eight major reasons supporting the claim, and they sound convincing 

1. Zero oil or butter

Any steamed meal contains less fat than that cooked with oil. In addition, some oils release toxic elements when they are heated too much. 

2. Zero risks of burning

Overcooking food on oil is dangerous. Whether you fry, boil, grill, or bake, you may lose track of the time and get an overcooked dish that is hardly appealing. Not only is a steamer equipped with a timer, but it will also shut down automatically once the time is up. In general, steaming vegetables takes just five minutes. 

3. Zero cross flavors

You may place several types of food into the steamer and cook them simultaneously. Contamination is not possible, and all the separate smells and tastes will be preserved. In addition, there will be less washing up to do. 

4. Conservation of vitamins

Everybody knows that vitamins are important, so why lose them during the cooking process? Multiple studies have shown that such vitamins as B and C deteriorate when in contact with boiling water. Water steam, however, is a different story. Steaming has been shown to cause much less damage. 

5. Keeping cancer fighters active

Glucosinolates are one of the most important anticancer elements contained in cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. In the event of overcooking, they simply vanish. Modest amounts of water and low-temperature steaming retains them. Vegetables that are boiled or microwaved have diminished nutritional value, as over half of glucosinolates and other nutrients get lost. 

6. Lower cholesterol

When you steam meat, its fat is removed, rather than being cooked into it. The method is clearly superior to grilling, frying or roasting, and it results in fewer calories and less cholesterol. The absence of oil means you cook healthier and lighter dishes. 

7. Preservation of fiber and color 

Not only are the vitamins and flavors protected. With steaming, your veggies will be prevented from turning into a mash, and their color, juices, and freshness will stay intact. 

8. Fast and simple

A steamer allows the cooking of several layers at once, which means that you save both time and energy. There is a single heat source, and the process consumes less electricity. 

Overall, steam-cooking is a wonderful method of cooking that allows us to preserve the vitamins, minerals, and fibers that get lost of damaged otherwise. It provides us with healthier dishes and adds convenience. If you care about getting the most out of your vegetables and meat, using a steamer is the way to achieve the goal.

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