How Much Water Should You Drink during the Training

Many argue about the need to drink water during training. Some say that it is extremely undesirable to consume it during exercises, others say that the human body requires it. So, is it necessary to consume water during the workout?

Following your water balance

Drinking liquid during training is necessary because a person consists of 75-80% water and dehydration affects the body very negatively. That is why it is simply necessary to monitor the water balance.

During active training, body temperature starts to rise. In order to cool down the body begins to secrete sweat, which balances the temperature regime. In this case, the blood begins to thicken, and it becomes very difficult for the heart to distribute it throughout the body. As a result, the heart receives a double load due to dehydration during sports.

We play sports in order to keep fit and to lose weight. However, the lack of moisture slows down the burning of fat. The thick blood does not deliver oxygen to the cells, making the process slow.

Absorbing the protein

Water helps to restore the body after physical training, promotes the absorption of proteins and the flow of amino acids into muscle cells. Due to dehydration, the protein is worse absorbed. Therefore, if your goal is to build muscles, then this process will be extremely slow without water. If you take extra creatine and protein supplements, then the rate of liquid consumption per day rises from 1.5l to 3l.

Are there any limitations?

There are such sports, at which consuming water is worth limiting. In particular, running is such a sport, because drinking much can reduce stamina. Also, it is not recommended for athletes who are preparing for competitions and who want to get rid of fluid in the body. This is called “drying”. However, consuming water during regular workouts is a must. The doctors and nutritionists recommend consuming eight glasses of water daily, and even more on the day of sports.

Consuming tips:

  1. You should not drink cold liquid during the workout, as there is a risk of getting sick.
  2. You need to make small sips, but quite often.
  3. After each exercise, make 2-3 sips to maintain the water balance
  4. 2 liters daily is enough.
  5. Instead of ordinary mineral water, you can also eat special cocktails, it is better to ask trainers about their composition and benefits.


As you can see, drinking water during training is necessary if it does not apply to certain sports or the special regime of athletes. Do it often and in small sips and stay healthy for a long time. Follow your water balance!

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